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Senin, 18 Juni 2012

How to Find Talented Rich Guys

Not hard to find a rich man. But it's not easy finding a decent man you love and make you not going to be "the duafa". Before deciding to marry him, just see if he got 10 of these 15 traits.

See if your lover has rekning more than one bank. This could be an indication of his talent-rich.Because, usually people who have two or more savings accounts tend to try to manage money properly. This type of man separates pnghasilannya posts. For example, one account is used only for the transfer of salaries and expenditures, the other for savings accounts.

Not appropriate if the person who likes to hoard wealth, stingy, and is reluctant to share and give talented people rich. It is precisely the man who easily moved and easily help people that deserve your lyrics. He is the type of person who would be relatively easy life. Somehow, you both will very rarely short of money. And most importantly, giving pleasure that there was no successor.

3. Have goals
Do not expect The rich when he gifted his life flowed like a river, which empties into going somewhere. A talented man rich always had big plans in life. There's something in the future who want to reach. To that end, he will have a short and medium term plans to achieve its goals. In dreams, he was not afraid of any dreams that seemed impossible.

Men who have a specific hobby tend to spend their money for his hobby. This also applies to men who like to shop. Of course there are people who have a specific hobby has a rich vein. But, after all not everyone can have a rich fortune for granted. The man who does not have any specific hobbies usually will spend the money to shop based on mood. He likely felt he had no specific requirements, so reluctant to buy seusatu.

He did not know exactly what the difference is expensive or cheap goods. Him, ya shirt shirt. Shape like that, there is a fit and proper size worn to the office. Such men will not be a problem with cheap shirt.

Have you ever heard him say (approximately), "This could be a business opportunity. Can be tried. "That is, he can see something, however small, as a business opportunity. Sodium absorption ratio and more people who have this ability. So, if he often throws comments related to business opportunities, can be rich he is talented.

Have a nose just is not enough business without hard work. This is what distinguishes a heavyweight dreamer with a dream chaser. A dream chaser tight it will attempt to reach his goal.Surely it with hard work.

8. Specialty
Note deh, if Si He had one or two skills khsuus. For example, he mastered the computer with a good, smart lobbying, or whatever. This special ability can be a capital he lived his life. Men of this type tend to survive in life.

Friends were everywhere. Not only former high school friends, college or office. But also from other communities, that you never thought possible before. People who have a lot of friends can mean a wide networking. So that, wherever he is placed will be able to live (well).

10. Social PRESERVE
Sometimes you are annoyed because he was diligent to call or SMS is not essential to his friends.Just say hello Just be persistent. Properly, you should not upset, because this is how to maintain friendships. People may have many friends, but if he can not maintain it, so in vain.

Just a nice person who easily made ​​friends. Go to the new place where he is, he could easily have someone to talk. This indicates he's open, has a sense of humor and broad-minded enough. Such people are usually not difficult to adapt to new environments, including new types of work. So, he need not worry do not have a good job.

He knows exactly what the pros and cons, and other people believe so. So, he did not flinch when interacting with others, or is required to do something new. Including him believe that he can live worthy of this day or the day after tomorrow, with you.

In doing anything, he's focused. Attention is not easily divorced by something else. People who normally have a responsibility to focus well. This relates to how he tried to reach his goal, completing the work, and seriously build a life with you.

You almost never hear, "Ah, it's hard," Nah could "," no way I could do that "," Lazy ah ", and the like. Pessimistic man in her life will be difficult to survive. Optimism can make a person capable of doing something that is difficult to count on the paper.

Sickly men would rather spend their time by not doing anything .. Not to mention the cost of doctors and hospitals are more expensive does not make sense. You both will run out of money here. In addition, healthy people will be able to think more healthy.
Do not ever get stuck on the outside appearance and mouth that says, "Your life will ever guaranteed, darling." Because, most of you feel comfortable with her ​​life, she can make your life meaningful, and you can laugh with him.

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