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Senin, 18 Juni 2012

Data theft the stormiest in the world

Recently many of the actions of rogue hackers again troubling. Some sites had become a victim of mischief, such as LinkedIn, Sony and others. 

Yes, some time ago conceded the action of the social networking site LinkedIn is quite horrendous.At least 6.5 million user password is successfully digasak hacker sites.
Ironically, it was stolen password to continue dating site eHarmony. Couples-singles sites that use more than 20 million users worldwide.

Well, just a flashback to the rear, the following six actions cyber bandits who had horrendous.

A. Sony PlayStation Network
This is one of the burglary case is quite appalling. How not? Network that can only be accessed by users of the PlayStation is broken into by hackers that has so far not been identified.
Result of the event at least 77 million PSN user data digasak actors, including 12 million credit card numbers are not encrypted, and millions of other important data.

2. RSA Security
Victims of other irresponsible hackers is RSA Security, one of the companies under the auspices of the EMC group.
The action took place last March 2011, and the perpetrator had access to at least 40 million tokens are typically used for personal and corporate data access.

3. Gawker Media
Gawker Media is a media company that oversees several prominent sites in the United States, call it Gizmodo, Jalopnik and Jezebel. But in December 2010 a group of hackers who called themselves Gnosis, managed to steal a 500 MB file that contains the company's private data members.

The group claimed the action was made ​​because the Gawker acting too arrogant. 
4. Job Seeker Site burglary is one of the largest job search site in the world. This site serves job seekers from various parts of the world, and in it contains at least 150 million resumes of applicants. 
5. Leaking Data Gmail Users 
Some time ago, in December 2009 in China, a number of Gmail users reported that their data stolen. This was immediately responded to Google with a series of investigations. 
And indeed, data from 20 companies who use Gmail service had been hacked hacker China.Google claims that this action could occur as hackers exploit vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer version of the old school. 
6. Password thieves LinkedIn 
The most recent case occurred at the site is password theft LinkedIn. There are 6.5 million passwords that work digasak actors, and ironically, the data are very sensitive to the spread freely on the internet. This case was cited as the biggest piercing action for 10 years.

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