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Senin, 18 Juni 2012

9 Different types of friendly animals

To be a good person, is right to choose friends who bring us toward goodness. Bad company would have an impact not good for us anyway.

However, choosing a friend on the basis of skin color, ethnicity, economic level, instead of plunging us into a racist person and wounded sense of humanity itself. If it is still tucked away feeling of 'favoritism' like this in your heart, consider the example of true friendship 9 below.

In animal kebung Bangkok, there is a tiger, named Saimai. Interestingly, he became a nurse for piglets in place. Whereas the parent of the young pig is still there, but the zoo would prefer to put these piglets with the tiger.
Saimai piglets are already considers as his own son, he is also seen no problem in taking care of the piglets. They are often seen joking and never quarrel.


BoonLau is a long-tailed monkey. He lived in a temple with the monks and treated for paralysis caused by being bitten by a dog. At that BoonLau dragged herself to the temple and found by the monks who cared for him at this time. The monkeys have only one hand.
The monks saw BoonLau need a friend, then they put a rabbit named Toby into the cage BoonLau.Apparently the alleged right of the monks, because these two animals became good friends who love each other.


A giraffe named Bea who live in the Busch Garden Tampa, Florida, has been friends with an ostrich named Wilma. Though the garden is a lot of each species on the loose, but Customs and Wilma would establish an intimate friendship.
Bea was three years old and is a species that likes mengeksplorisasi new things with his tongue, while Wilma was ten years old but looks like not object to the behavior of Customs. Apparently true friendship must understand each other, yes.


Roscoe is a dog that often follows the staff of the Institute of Rare Species in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. In this place, Roscoe met with Surya, an orangutan. Apparently they just clicked and menjaling friendship.
They began playing and joking with each other and this makes the staff confused because in general the dog afraid of primates. They try to seek and find the owner of Roscoe but failed, so they adopted it.
Surya and Roscoe spent time with several hours each day. They often go swimming, or spend time walking, walking in the neighborhood.


Named a baby elephant Themba was orphaned after his mother fell from a cliff. He was a strict surveillance by guards and keepers hope he gets a new mother from the other elephants. But, after a week she still looks left alone by the other elephants.
The nanny was brought to the Shamwari Rehabilitation Center, and was introduced to Albert, a sheep. When you first put Themba along with Albert, the sheep hiding in a place that resembles a cave for twelve hours. Because Themba kept forcing out Albert, Albert finally give up and come out of the cave. After that they quickly make friends and never separated until now.


There is a leopard named Shakira, who was born of a mother who can not produce enough milk. The owner took him after fourteen days for advice from a friend over the phone to give milk through a bottle until she was strong enough to be introduced to his new family, Katjinga, a Ridgeback Rhodeshian who just had a baby in the trash.
When Shakira was united with the family dog, not looking for a fight of species differences. Instead it's now playing cat, eat, and sleep with the puppies.


There is a sweet little chimp named Anjana who loves to play with a big cat. He has helped the caregivers who treat other rare animals.
Chimpanzee was acting like a mother to the cat. He always gives lunch (milk bottles) to the kittens (mean: tiger), and accompanied him during naptime.
The caretakers of animals on the ground say that the chimpanzee has been very helpful in taking care of kittens. He will follow the caregivers and mimic what they do, as that's how chimps are learning to care for big cats.


Both animals are met in a displaced animal is lost. When they met, they quickly make friends.They were inseparable from that day. Both were even curled up on the sofa or chair together to watch TV. Wool and Beryl - thus the name of two friends are - have a good friendship and never separated.



There is a cat named Nirma adopting seven chicks. The mother has been dead chicken, then Nirma decided to take care of the chicks along with four biological children (definitely a kitten, dong).
Nirma is a large family living in a cardboard house. Notwithstanding the differences in species, the family seemed happy mixture of sleep and play together.

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