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Senin, 18 Juni 2012

15 Facts About Kissing

[Imagetag]There's more about kissing (kissing) which is known to most people. Here is a collection of facts about kissing. 

A. Thirty-seven percent (30%) of men keep their eyes open while kissing, while 97% of women close their eyes. 
2. One-minute kiss can burn as many as twenty-six calories. 
3. Research shows that almost every muscle in your body is used when two people kissing. 
4. If you kiss someone with the same color as your hair, the result is more passionate. 
5. In life we receive about 25,000 kisses, ranging from kissing on the cheek with a variety of "methods" to other body parts. 
6. Our brains have special neurons that help us to find a pair of lips in the dark. 
7. A kiss can be ten times more effective than morphine in relieving pain, because it turns kissing activate the body's natural painkillers. So ... when a mother kissing her son was injured in a fall from a bicycle, will soothe the child. 
8. Ancient Egyptians kissed with their noses. Lips not kissed. 
9. The average person spends about fourteen days to kiss in their lives. 
10. Longest kiss lasted for 17 days, 10 ½ hours in Chicago in 1984. Longest kiss between Jane Wyman and Toomey Reg. 
11. Kiss kiss is still considered illegal in Indiana (Amrik) for a man with a mustache. 
12. In medieval Italy, when the couple seen kissing, they could be forced to marry. 
13. The most famous kiss of all time between Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh in "Gone With the 
Wind ". But in reality, Gable and Leigh difficult to breath! 
14. Kissing acts as a beauty treatment. Because it can make your skin glow and eyes. 
15. Infants who kissed one day later became a lover.

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