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Senin, 18 Juni 2012

10 Stories & Fun Facts Behind Famous Toilet

Do you long life, we spend an estimated 1.5 years in the toilet, a simple chair but rarely receives its due. Sales of toilet John Lennon recently for $ 14,740 and toilet eBay auctions by JD Salingerhas made ​​ website to look back other famous toilets.
A. Marcel Duchamps Fountain
Safe to say that this is the toilet of the most important in the history of art. Derived from second-hand touch with the conceptualized art in which the concept behind the work it takes precedence over his own birth. 1917 Marcel Duchamp urinal is one piece of art he called readymades are generated from existing objects. The final product has been equated with veiled head of the classicalRenaissance Madonna and a seated Buddha. Who says toilets can not be beautiful?
2. Elviss Toilet
This famous star died in an inappropriate way like a star. On the morning of August 16, 1977 last year, Elvis Presley's fiancee, Ginger Alden, Elvis reported that he found unresponsive next to the toilet, lying on your stomach with vomiting and lying in his pants at his ankles. According to Elvis biographer, Peter Guralnick, It's certainly possible that he was in a place that did not exist back support when a seizure. Although not appealing his death, Elvis is not alone, the Prince of England George II, his life ended in a toilet in 1760 when the aortic dissection .
3. The Trainspotting Toilet
Is there a toilet scene best in the history of this movie? In the 1996 movie Danny Boyle, Ewan McGregor enters a bar to use the worst toilet in Scotland Empire. (At least per the sign on the door). Then followed by a nuance that is so disgusting.
4. Larry Craigs Public Toilet
This resulted in a toilet controversial resignation of Senator Larry Craig, on June 11, 2007, held at the Minneapolis International Airport St. Paul on suspicion of lewd conduct in men's room. Craig is known as a supporter of legislation anti-gay, allegedly asked an undercover police officer to have sex. He insisted that was innocent, denied the testimony of police officers and stated that he was just being wide and took a paper from the floor (?). The interesting fact is, toilet stalls are now apopular tourist destination.
5. Thomas Crappers Toilet
Ah, Thomas crapper. He is the inventor of the flush toilet was named objects, right? Wrong! Toilet crapper toilet is one of the most famous in the world, but not completely so. While Thomas crapper not find a toilet flushing, he did much to increase its popularity and developed several important discoveries, such as the ball cock (a kind of automatic valve). The word crap (crap) is not even derived from the name, it actually comes from Middle English and first appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1846 under the reference knowledge is useless (crapping), or toilets / public kaskus. When Thomas crapper launched his company in 1861, there was no direct relationship between names and words that everyday.
6. NASAs Space Toilets
The most expensive toilet in the world out of this world. Literally, the toilet was out of this world. A system designed by the Russians purchased by NASA for the International Space Station with acool price of $ 19 million. And what NASA got the money for it? Certainly not the hot seat. Toilet is designed to work in zero gravity, not hinder the movement of the foot and thigh bars. The toilets were also able to dry the dirt to eliminate bacteria and odor. And here's the best part: You can filter the urine into drinking water. The best toilets ever!
7. The Solid-Gold Toilet
Built in 2001, this little luxury toilet made ​​of solid 24-karat gold and covered with jewels. Everything is in a small room around the sink, tile and doors are also made ​​of pure gold in the showroom appearance of Hang Fung Gold Technology in Hong Kong has a price worth more than $ 29 million.The bathroom was the brainchild Jeweler Lam Sai-Wing, which was inspired by the vision of the communist leader Lenin that the most appropriate thing to do with gold is going to build the public toilets of gold. This toilet offers a full state of the art with an automatic flushing system but is restricted to tourists. Visitors must wear shoes to avoid lecetan plastic rods 900 grams of gold embedded in the floor. Apparently, the showroom has done some of the guests are interested in making their bathrooms with gold accessories after the visit.
8. The Toto
Toilet choices for artists (and up to 72% of Japanese households), Toto is one of the highest-techtoilet. These features of the hands-free device, including the hot seat, deodorization savior marriage). Toto is one of the three largest pipe manufacturer in the world. The year 2006 net sales were $ 4.2 billion, and the company has 20,000 employees, controls two-thirds of the bathroom Japanese market and maintain its presence in 16 countries. and water jet cleaning.
9. The First Flushing Toilet 
Sir John Harrington is a poet, though not so well known. He is remembered for something less romantic: Finding the first flush toilet. Harrington is a godson of Queen Elizabeth I who have built their own houses, designed and installed his invention called Ajax. When the queen tried it, he was very impressed and ordered one for himself. Its own water closet pan with open bottom, sealed with the valve face skin. The system works with a combination of levers and weights are pouring water from a cistern and an open valve. Although Queen seemed enthusiastic about this new discovery, people still rely on the toilet cubicles, and not until nearly 200 years later, the rinse water closet was first patented by Alexander Cummings in London in 1775.
10. Hitlers Toilet
For the most part looks normal, not unclean and unreliable. But Greg bathroom Auto Repair in Florence, New Jersey, is actually much more than that. Before they have Kohfeldt Greg, the owner of Auto Repair shop, toilet and bathroom sink is one of Adolf Hitler's belongings. Right facilities in the room was once used by der Fhrer in his private yacht, which was shot in a junkyard in New Jersey in the early 1950's. Cruise ships were torn apart, so that various pieces of goods on a cruise ship is scattered in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Toilet is displayed in a shop in 1952 and has been there ever since. The store owner did not add anything to the old toilet and sink it. He said he would part with that old stuff in a heartbeat if someone were to buy a new bathroom to replace them.Interested in making an offer?

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