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Rabu, 20 Juni 2012

10 Most Expensive Toys

never thought whether to buy the toys below?
hahahha ....
I suggest it goes because it is so fantastic
Most of the toys below, which makes it the most expensive is because of gold, diamonds, crystal, ruby and sapphire. Here are 10 toys are expensive in the world.
1.Hot Wheels 23 Karat

Price: 1.4 billion yen
Who make expensive:
Bodynya full of diamonds and 23 carats.
2.Barbie Fancy Diamonds
Price: 850 Million
Who make expensive:
160 grains of diamond and white gold miniature jewelry
Fancy a Sketch 3.Etch Swarovski Crystals
Price: 15 Million Euro
Who make expensive:
Has a crystal grain 14 400!
Baltic Amber Chess 4.Set
Price: 250 Million Euro
Who make expensive:
-Fruits chess made ​​of pure amber
-The board is made ​​dari'Kayu Mahal '
Monopoly 5.Papan Sidney Mobell
Price: 10 billion yen
Who make expensive:
-All boards, cards, and pieces made ​​from gold games or 23 karat
-The house is decorated with rubies, diamonds and sapphires
Ferrari Kart 6.Go
Who make expensive:
The battery for 3-Million
Entirely made ​​of fiber-glass
-The steering wheel can be removed just like the model F1, disc brakes on all four wheels, three levels of transmission (including reverse), rubber tires, full suspension including leather seats
Marcus M. & Mrs.Potato 7.Neiman Head
Price: 90 Million Euro
Who make expensive:
23 000 grains covered with Swarovski crystals of different colors 14
World's Most Expensive 8.Bola
Price: 13 Billion Euro
Who make expensive:
Made of gold and jewels
Kitty 9.Hello
Price: 1.6 billion yen
Who make expensive:
Made of sapphire, diamond, gemstone, amethyst, topaz and quartz.
10.Cold Fusion Yo-Yo
Original price: 1.5 Million
Auction Price: 160 Million Euro
Who make expensive:
-Made of special aluminum for the aircraft, as a special design
Added brake-specific so that it can respond to the movement of your hands faster.

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