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Jumat, 01 Juli 2011

Mempercantik Tampilan Desktop dengan Cube Desktop

Nah… jika TopDesk 3D memberikan efek Flip pada Windows Xp, lain halnya dengan Cube Desktop. Cube Desktop memberikan efek yang lebih asik lagi dari sekedar fitur Flip seperti pada Windows Vista. Kita juga seolah memiliki 6 buah desktop yang berbeda seperti halnya pada kubus (cube) yang memiliki6 sisi.

Virtual desktops

CubeDesktop creates six virtual and independent desktops, increasing the space you have to work and play. Being the most robust multiple desktop software, CubeDesktop solves the desktop clutter problem once and for all. Each virtual desktop is a distinct working environment. The taskbar shows only the applications opened on the current desktop, greatly reducing the clutter.

Desktop customization
Every single desktop may have its own wallpapers, icons and name. Change your Windows wallpaper as usual and arrange your icons using your favourite layout on every single desktop, CubeDesktop just remembers everything when you switch Betweendesktops. CubeDesktop also includes an integrated icon manager, allowing you to quick and easily which icons are shown on every desktop.

Desktop privacy
You are able to tag desktops as totally private(you can´t see its content untel you enter a password) or partially private (it can be seen but needs a password in order to be activated). Automatically start applications on specific desktops You are able to run selected applications on a desktop of your choice.

Key combinations
You’ll be able to set up the hot keys that control the behavior of CubeDesktopCubeDesktop comes with a predefined Combination of hot keys that you can change and ADAPT to your needs. Switch between tasks FASTER than ever before Switch between tasks using Window Exposer. With a single keypress or mouse move, Window Exposer instantly tiles all of your open windows, scales them down and neatly arranges them, so you can see what's in every single one. This feature brings to your Windows Vista desktop the most impressive Mac OS X Expose-like experience. you can free download CubeDesktop 1.3.2 now.

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